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With over 50 years of knowledge and experience in vibration isolation, Kinetics Noise Control enables building owners to install complex heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems without the worry of noise and vibration problems.

 Kinetics Noise Control vibration isolation products have been used to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment onto a building structure, support, isolate and suspend mechanical equipment, and to protect equipment from damage during seismic activity.

Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems
Industrial Noise and Vibration Control
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Environmental Noise Control
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Industrial plant personnel frequently contact Lewis Mechanical Sales, Inc for their recommendations on products to lower noise levels within their facilities.

Kinetics' engineers have successfully reduced noise levels by as much as 30 decibels by the application of products such as:

Damping Materials

Industrial noise control may involve other requirements, such as ventilation, machine access, raw material input and parts overflow, fire protection, lighting and installation without process disruption. Since their first installations in 1958, Kinetics' engineers have worked within these constraints and have been able to satisfy their customers' requirements.

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Kinetics Kinetics Noise Control produces the industry’s largest selection of innovative products to address vibration and noise control, room acoustics, and seismic restraint concerns for almost any building application. Offering the broadest range of isolators of any company in the industry, Kinetics continues to design and engineer product solutions for HVAC Equipment and Piping, Industrial Vibration Systems, Fluid or Gas Pipe Vibration Systems, Rigid and Curtain Wall Enclosures, Exterior Acoustic Barrier Walls, Whole Building Isolation, Tuned Mass Damping Systems, Duct Silencers, Jet Engine & Helicopter Testing Silencers, Molded Elastomeric Components, Acoustic Test Chambers, Duct Noise Containment and Isolation, Riser Support Systems, Seismic Restraint Systems, Bomb Blast Mitigation, Railbed Isolation Systems, and Dynamometer Support Systems.

Kinetics Noise and Vibration Control