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Unimizer® 2 & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves

Sizes: 1/2" - 3"

Accuracy - The Unimizer® eliminates inaccuracy in ball valves. This is made possible with the technology of the Griswold parabolic flow OPTIMIZER®, a device inserted into the ball to achieve Equal Percentage Control Characteristics.

Lower Cv Ratings - Why choose a ball valve over a globe valve? With the Unimizer® you can achieve the low Cv ratings of a globe valve at the low price of a ball valve. You can get the added benefit of higher close off pressure.

Compatibility - The Unimizer® is available in Female or Sweat threaded end connections. The Unimizer® sets the standard for compatibility, and Griswold’s Universal Solution offers the widest range of actuator choices in the industry.

Griswold Controls’ Patent Pending 3 Way Ball - Many manufacturers settle for providing non-equal percentage control to the coil, or they achieve equal percentage control by using a costly, custom programmed actuator. Griswold Controls’ Unimizer® achieve true equal percentage flow from the parabolic shape of the Optimizers® located at each port, thereby allowing the use of any standard, low cost actuator.

Recommended Applications:

  • Where actuated ball valves or globe valves are used to control the flow
  • Where mixing and diverting capabilities are required
  • For hotels & schools; air handling units, equipment rooms, and pipeline products​

Static Pressure/Temp: 360 PSI / 250F (600 WOG)
Service:                           Chilled water, hot water, up to 50% Glycol,                                             or contact factory for additional fluids.
Flow Optimizer:             Glass Filled Polymer
Body Material:               Forged Brass ASTM B283-06  (Lead  Free

                                         Brass Available)
End Connections:          Brass – NPT or BSP
Field Repairable Stem: Dual Teflon seals and EPDM O-ring
Stem Seals:                     EPDM O-Rings
Ball Valve:                       Nickel-plated brass ball
Optional:                         Stainless Steel ball
Ball Seals:                       Teflon Seals with EPDM O-Rings
Angle of Rotation:          0–90 degrees

Griswold Controls Unimizer® 2 & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves


Griswold Controls is the leader in HVAC technology for flow control. Griswold Controls offers flow control solutions that are innovative, versatile, and fit the applications. Griswold Controls continues to develop new, innovative products for terminal units, heat pumps, air handlers, and equipment room installations.

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