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SPX Marley MD Cooling Tower

NC Steel Cooling Tower

SACRIFICE NOTHING  - If you’re looking for maximum value in a package cooling tower, look no further than the NC from Marley. After all, why sacrifice productivity for value when you can have both with the Marley NC?

HIGHEST CAPACITY  - More fully assembled, CTI-certified, deliverable tons of cooling than any other package cooling tower on the market. The NC makes it easier to cool larger applications with more value and shorter installation times.

HIGHEST EFFICIENCY  - All that capacity is achieved with even less power – lowering operation costs and energy usage – accomplishing ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies up to six times more than required.

SMALLER PROFILE  - Increasing capacity and efficiency typically means increasing size. Not with the Marley NC. Most models are the same or smaller footprint than before. In addition, there is a one- to two-foot height reduction from previous comparable models, saving costs for architectural walls and enclosures.

INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED SOUND DATA  - We recognize how important sound control is and how difficult it is to measure cooling tower sound at various locations where background noise may interfere with testing. All published sound data for Marley NC cooling towers has been independently verified by a CTI-licensed test agency so you can trust that your cooling tower will meet sound levels as specified.

SEE INCREASED VALUE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING - Lower shipping costs  and ease of installation.


• At its largest capacity, the Marley NC has the ability to deliver more tons of cooling than any other package cooling tower on the market, as high as 1455 tons in a single unit.

• Drift rates as low as .0005% of design flow rate are available on many standard models.

• Air inlet screen horizontal orientation.  

• Optional belt drive for all models up to 60 hp.

• Largest selection of options and accessories. 

• The most CTI-certified low-sound options, with low-sound fans standard on all NC models. 


We’ve added more FM options than ever before, including high wind load applications. The NC will help bring more affordable operation insurance for mission-critical facilities and lower the cost for FM customers. What’s more, Marley is still the only manufacturer to provide an FM-approved single-cell crossflow cooling tower.

The new NC is greener, too.

The NC employs water saving strategies to help achieve sustainable building goals. 

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SPX Marley Aquatower

MD Cooling Tower

Marley quality, on a whole new scale...the right answer in so many ways

RELIABILITY  - Heavy-duty construction, high-performance design and our five-year mechanical warranty ensures consistent, CTI-certified fully rated cooling over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements.

SMALLER FOOTPRINT - Induced draft counterflow design requires less plan area than crossflow towers for many HVAC and light industrial duties. Reduced weight requires less support structure.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE  - Larger access doors, easily removable block fill and other features that simplify maintenance.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION  - Induced draft counterflow equipment minimizes energy consumption by providing lower fan energy than centrifugal fan counterflow units.

LOW SOUND - CTI-certified comes standard with our low-sound fan, suitable for most noise sensitive situations. Multiple fan and attenuation options are available to meet more stringent sound requirements.

All This... and Green, Too

Designed to be environmentally responsible, the MD conserves water by keeping splash-out to a minimum. And being remarkably energy efficient, it doesn’t waste a single kilowatt. 

What makes the Marley counterflow tower stand out from other manufacturers?

Triple-pass inlet louvers and drift eliminator for superior splash-out protection and water conservation

■ SPX’s position as “single source supplier” for all configurations of cooling towers and fluid coolers

■ The Marley reputation. Our brand name. Our service. Our position as an undisputed industry leader in product quality. 

SPX Marley Integral Louvers and Drift Eliminators
SPX Marley NC Heat Transfer Surface
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Water completely drains from basin and dirt and debris are easily flushed out

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Marley Cooling Towers

Lewis Mechanical Sales is the South Texas manufacturer representative for Marley Cooling Tower products and parts. Marley is a leading full-line, full-service cooling tower, air-cooled condenser, and fluid cooler manufacturer.

SPX Marley NC Cooling Tower
SPX Marley Superior Water Management
SPX Marley MD Cooling Tower Cold Water Basin

Integral louvers and drift eliminators

Cold water basin by loosening two thumb screws, no tools required

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More heat transfer surface = greater efficiency

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Aquatower Steel Cooling Tower

Today’s Aquatower may be the most space/energy efficient cooling tower available. Your needs have dictated constant technological improvement. Thousands of Aquatower users enjoy the benefits of eight major redesigns and dozens of minor improvements in the past 65 years.

Features and Benefits

  • PVC film - fill enables the Aquatower to reject more heat per unit size. 
  • Air inlet louvers and drift eliminators right on the fill sheets saving fan horsepower by improving airflow through the tower. 
  • Simplified Maintenance - No hidden spray systems, tiny nozzles, or enclosed basins here! You can easily replace and align V-belts from outside the tower. 
  • All primary components of the Aquatower are open to view. 
  • Components part of an integrated system - Spray pattern from nozzles and the pressure drop through drift eliminators carefully designed to work together efficiently. 
  • Full one-year warranty - Includes thermal performance and every component of the tower.