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Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems
Industrial Noise and Vibration Control
Heavy Industrial Noise and Vibration

NOISEBLOCK Barrier Walls

Kinetics manufactures a complete line of acoustical panels called NOISEBLOCK™ Barrier Panels. Sound barrier walls are designed to be easily erected in the field and are also designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss and structural stability.

Airborne Noise Control (Rigid) Products

Kinetics Acoustic Panel Enclosures and Buildings for Industrial Process, Environmental Systems, and Oil and Gas Operations. 

Vibration Isolation for HVAC

Industrial Noise and Vibration Control​

   Airborne Noise Control                  (Flexible) Products
   Airborne Noise Control (Rigid)      Products

Environmental Noise Control

LEED and Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control Noiseblock Barrier Wall

Industrial plant personnel frequently contact Kinetics Noise Control for their recommendations on products to lower noise levels within their facilities. Kinetics' engineers have successfully reduced noise levels by as much as 30 decibels by the application of products such as:
Damping Materials

Industrial noise and vibration control may involve other requirements, such as ventilation, machine access, raw material input and parts overflow, fire protection, lighting and installation without process disruption. Since their first installations in 1958, Kinetics' engineers have worked within these constraints and have been able to satisfy their customers' requirements.​​

Fan Inlet and Discharge
Cooling Towers
Stacks, Blow-offs, Vents
Safety and Relief Valves
Equipment/Process Enclosure Ventilation
Turbine Enclosure Ventilation

Types: (Rectangular and Circular)
Elbow Dissipative
Straight Dissipative
Reactive (No-Fill)
Custom Designs as Required
Industrial Grade Construction

Kinetics Noise Control Acoustic Panel

Kinetics Industrial Silencers control airborne noise in ducts and openings in buildings, enclosures or equipment.

Enclosure Applications:

Compressors and Pumps
Constant Power Generator Sets
Grinding, Pulverizer, Chipper Processes
Punch Presses
Vacuum Pump and Positive Displacement Blowers Systems
Outdoor Equipment
Paint Booths
In-Plant Offices
Process Equipment
Test Chambers
Extrusion Processes
Flame Spray Booths

Locally Owned & Operated
Kinetics Noise Control Industrial Silencer

Curtain Enclosures
Sound Absorbers

   Acoustic Panel Sound Absorbers Model KNP and KNP-V Groove Face

   Quilted Fiberglass Sound Absorbers Model KFA

   Sound Control Baffles Model KB-803

   Sound Absorption Panels Model S4

   Fiberglass Absorbers Model PA

   Acoustical Foam Sound Absorber Model KUA
Barrier Materials

   Loaded Limp Mass Barrier Material Model KNM

   Fire-Resistant Noise Barrier Material Model KNM-100AL and KNM-200AL

   Pipe/Duct Lagging Material Model KNM-100ALQ

   Noise Control Barrier, Absorber Composites Model KBC

   Foam Composites Model KC

   Fiberglass Composites Model PC

Sound Damping

   Damping Compound Model KDC-E-162

   Sound Deadener Model KDD-3642

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Airborne Noise Control (Flexible) Products

Kinetics Model KNC Noise Control Curtains are modular, reinforced limp mass vinyl panels or vinyl and quilted fiberglass composites designed to contain noise or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas. Kinetics Noise Control curtains incorporate a self-supporting track which allows the curtain to open for access at virtually any point along the enclosure.

Typical applications include barriers/ enclosures around:
Punch Presses
Construction Sites
Pile Driver Applications
Facility Shipping/Receiving Docks

Environmental Noise Control
LEED & Kinetics Noise Control
Kinetics Noise Control Duct Silencer

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Electrical sub-stations which contain transformers, generators, etc. cause unwanted noise and at times can be unpleasant to view. They can be treated with our barrier walls systems which reduce the unwanted noise to acceptable levels. The walls are more aesthetically pleasing when treated with a coating system to match the surrounding areas.

Oil and Gas Operations
Noise from fracking, drilling, and mid-stream compression operations are effectively reduced using our blocking or absorptive barrier wall systems.

Rooftop Equipment
Chillers, Condensers, Cooling Towers, etc. are equipment which can cause unwanted noise for surrounding residential and business communities. Our barrier wall systems can be constructed to reduce the noise to acceptable levels in these working or living environments.

Residential Noise Compliance
Most neighborhoods have a strict compliance that should be maintained for hearing protection as well as comfort levels. Our barrier panels can be used for shopping malls, schools, recreational facilities, parks and many other outdoor applications that may need noise control.

Kinetics Noise Control Curtain

Kinetics Industrial Noise and Vibration