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LEED and Kinetics Noise Control

40-50% open area
6" or 12" thickness
Low pressure drop
Lowest cost
Light weight

Accoustic Louvers

Kinetics Fixed Blade Acoustic Louvers are economical, effective and attractive. They are designed for maximum sound reduction when space is limited. They are aesthetically pleasing and available in various material types intended to be used where space is limited.

Building Ventilation
Generator Room Intake and Discharge Vents
Barrier Wall Systems - Cross Ventilation
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Bird Screen
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Structural Design Services for Large Louver Banks and Walls

Acoustical Louvers are used as part of the intake/exhaust air system of buildings, structures, or equipment to help reduce noise produced by the system equipment. They have a relatively large surface area which compensates for their lack of depth. Models are available in varying depths, percent open area and blade configurations yielding various pressure loss and noise reduction performance.

30-40% open area
12", 16", or 24" thickness
No line of sight (security)
Maximum attenuation

Kinetics Noiseblock Wall System

NOISEBLOCK™ Wall Systems are:

  • Particularly suitable for mechanical equipment noise barriers allowing easy field cutting of holes for pipe and duct penetration openings.
  • Shipped in knock-down, modular form. KINETICS™ designs all structural steel from base plate upward as well as supplies said structural steel components. The column and base plates are supplied as factory welded assemblies. The web and backer angles are factory punched and supplied with required bolts, washers and nuts.
  • Easy to install and do not require field welding. All connections of structural support system are bolt together with panel tongue and groove joints.

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  • Self-draining, durable, easy to install and remove. They are supplied with complete AutoCAD submittals and piece-marked installation drawing set.
  • Backed by independent tests conducted in a NVLAP accredited laboratory per ASTM E90 (transmission loss) and ASTM C423 (sound absorption).
  • Available in galvanized G90, aluminum and stainless types 304 and 316. Structural steel components are available in various finishes from prime painted, hot dipped galvanized or painted.
  • Detailed via AutoCAD submittal and piece-marked installation drawings noting the structural reaction forces at the base plates so the engineer of record can design the foundation (piers, etc.) needed to withstand these forces.
Kinetics Noise Control Rigid Enclosure

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Rigid Enclosure Systems

Claims for hearing damage, safety and economic requirements make a noise reduction program essential for many industries. In the past, many manufacturing facilities were regulated by a government agency such as OSHA, but today insurance companies who seek to keep claims for hearing damage to a minimum for the facilities they insure drive the vast majority of noise regulation.

To meet these requirements and to help solve many in-plant noise problems, Kinetics Noise Control manufactures a complete line of acoustical panels which can be quickly and easily assembled to provide complete or partial enclosures for noisy equipment or to provide a quiet office in a manufacturing area. Acoustic panel enclosures are designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

Kinetics acoustic enclosures are designed and manufactured using our standard NOISEBLOCK™ type "STL & HTL", tongue and groove panels. Acoustic panels are fabricated of solid steel outer skin, and solid or perforated steel inner skin. Panels are stiffened with pre-formed steel channels. Acoustic grade fill is packed under compression. Sound enclosures are available with doors, access panels, removable panels and ventilation packages. Materials of construction include: galvanized steel type G90, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Kinetics offers complete design and engineering assistance including layout as well as providing acoustical, structural and ventilation requirements.

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​About Community or Environmental Noise Control
In their Guidelines for Community Noise, the World Health Organization defines community or environmental noise pollution (community noise) as "noise emitted from all sources except noise at the industrial workplace." Kinetics Noise Control offers complete design and engineering solutions to help you eliminate environmental noise.

Sources of Community Noise
Railroads, Airports and Highways          Industrial Premises
Ventilation Systems                                  Electrical Installations
Exhaust Equipment                                  Clubs, Pubs and Concerts
Outdoor Construction                              Oil and Gas Operations
Public Work

Kinetics Noise Control VAC Louver

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Ventilation Silencers

Kinetics offers the design and engineering assistance to integrate our line of duct silencers, sound attenuators into a system solution. As a result you may choose from a selection of standard or custom engineered duct silencers that will satisfy the requirements of each application.

Prime candidates for noise control measures are openings into and out of noisy environments. This includes the ventilation of buildings, enclosures, and equipment rooms. Integration of noise control measures such as silencers and louvers, into the system design requires careful consideration of space constraints, fan selection and aerodynamic pressure losses.

All Kinetics® silencers are backed by independent testing in a NVLAP accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM E477-06a and AMCA 1011-03.

Fan Inlet and Discharge
Air Handling Units
Cooling Towers
HVAC Duct Systems for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Buildings

Types (Rectangular and Circular):
Elbow Dissipative
Straight Dissipative
Reactive (No-Fill), Elbow and Straight
Custom Designs as Required
Axial Cone

PROJECT ANALYSIS: Outdoor Air-Cooled Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall System 

Learn how Kinetics achieved maximum noise reduction at a very low pressure drop.

30-40% open area
6", 8", or 12" thickness
Small vane spacing
Low frequency noise control

Noise Ordinance

Outdoor noise is becoming a main concern in our communities. Areas zoned for industrial, commercial and residential use are moving closer and closer to one another. This close proximity is resulting in noise complaints between neighbors. Many villages, towns and cities have never had to deal with environmental noise issues until now and are finding the need to tackle this concern by introducing clear, fair and obtainable noise ordinances. The need to educate the community, city officials and building owners concerning the use of environmental noise control products and solutions has become of great importance. One common concern is the noise generated from mechanical equipment servicing the establishments in these areas and how it affects the surrounding residential communities.

As a result, city and state governments are developing noise ordinances. Noise ordinances are laws which limit the allowable noise level(s) at different times of day for different zoned areas (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial). The maximum allowable noise levels are typically higher during daytime hours and lower during nighttime hours. Some noise ordinances can be vague and open for interpretation without specific sound levels noted while others are very specific and call out specific sound levels and daytimes. Many small or rural communities will not have a noise ordinance in place, but in more densely populated areas such as big cities, noise ordinances are an extremely important part of the community’s health.

When there is a violation of a noise ordinance, it is typically reported to the police or other law enforcement agency. This will be followed by a site visit, recording of sound levels and based on the findings, the agency may issue fines and enforce that corrective action be taken by the owner.

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