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Islandaire VTAC

Islandaire now manufactures vertical thru-the-wall air conditioner and heat pump units (VTACs & VTHPs)! These Islandaire VTACs & VTHPs can be used for direct replacement of Amana, GE and Friedrich vertical units or for new construction projects. VTACs are available with the DR.PTAC option!

Cooling from: 8900-17500 Btu
Heating: 8500-16500 Btu

Comfort & Dehumidification

  • Quiet operation
  • Separate thermostat settings (limiting) for cooling and heating nodes
  • Samples the room temperature in intervals to monitor and maintain desired temperature
  • Optional constant fan mode for additional comfort options
  • Compatible with most smart remote thermostat systems

Sound Reduction Technology

  • New 2-motor design allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which reduces indoor sound levels
  • The quiet, efficient compressor is mounted on vibration isolators, which absorb vibration-causing noise
  • Permanently lubricated motors reduce noise
  • Blower fan design moves air over a wider area so it’s quieter

Commercial Grade Construction

  • Islandaire’s advanced anti-corrosion protection protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments
  • Front cover system attaches securely with optional locking mechanism
  • Room Freeze Protection initiates heat if room temperature falls to 40 °F in an unoccupied room
  • Various overloads protect electrical systems
  • Stainless Steel endplates on both indoor and outdoor coil
  • Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor
  • Durable front panel with break-proof control door and design
  • Permanently lubricated fan motors
  • Tamper-resistant grille
  • Durable, powder coat paint finish

Health and IAQ

  • Fresh-air vent
  • Washable, antimicrobial filters

Energy Usage: Management

  • Set separate heat and cool range limits
  • Desk control ready
  • Energy Management System Compatible
  • Electronic defrost control

Maintenance and Installation Features

  • Service error code for quick diagnostics
  • May be installed flush with floor
  • Reversible indoor air louvers
  • Improved weather barrier
  • Nationwide Service Network
  • Modular design and pop out wiring modules
Islandaire EZ Series VR Dr VTAC

EZ Series VP and VR

The EZ Series VP units are designed for individually-zoned comfort controlled heating and cooling. The unit is an industry standard of 23 1/8” wide by 23 1/8” deep by 31” high. We offer our cooling chassis to operate with cooling only or heat pump with back up electric heat. The design standards, heavy duty construction and the focus on indoor noise reduction have positioned our unit as the premier unit of the future. Standard warranty is a one year parts and labor including a five year compressor part only warranty or a two year parts only including a five year compressor part only warranty.

Available in cooling-only and cooling plus heat pump models.

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Islandaire EZ Series VP VR VTAC
Locally Owned & Operated


New construction and perfect replacement unit for GE Verticals. Our commercial duty construction with heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an efficient reliable unit. This design eliminates the need for any interior or exterior renovation. Available with electric heat and heat pump with backup electric heat.

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EZ Series VR (Dr. PTAC Conditioned Make Up Air)

The EZ Series VR is equipped with the patented Dr. PTAC technology which provides 100% conditioned fresh air! Our commercial duty construction with heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an efficient reliable unit. This design eliminates the need for any interior or exterior renovation. Perfect replacement for GE AZ Vertical, Friedrich Vert-I-Pac, and First Company SPX.

Available with two stage electric heat.

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LEED Points Achieved:

Energy Efficient Design and compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 and ASHRAE 90.1

Indoor Environmental Quality  with improved IAQ through make up air

Innovation in Design through the use of a "Make Up Air PTAC"

Regional Design through the use of Dr. PTAC in high humidity climates

Diverting Construction Debris through the use of re-usable containers

Recycling/reusing Dr. PTAC in secondary market where the "first costs" are prohibitive to owners

The Dr. PTAC System

The Dr. PTAC system is an add on system to our standard PTAC unit to provide conditioned makeup air into a space through the PTAC unit by providing 55 CFM of outdoor air 24/7 by forced fan and cycling dehumidifier compressor based on outdoor relative humidity levels.

Dr. PTAC was created to solve issues with dehumidification in rooms and to introduce fresh air due to deficiencies of oxygen levels. Dr. PTAC is not only a PTAC but a Conditioned Make Up Air unit. New ASHRAE studies show that many illnesses in hotel rooms can be attributed to oxygen deficient atmospheres. Dr. PTAC solves that issue by introducing tempered conditioned make up air that satisfies both humidity level introduction and supplied oxygen.

Dr. PTAC is a two stage system. The primary unit is responsible for control of Sensible Heat that is introduced into the room via make up air temperature and occupant thermal load. The secondary unit is primarily a dehumidification unit that provides 55 CFM of outside fresh air into the room. The correction of the sensible temperature comes from the main PTAC unit which provides additional dehumidification with temperature correction. Overall unit efficiency improvement over standard PTACs is approximately 3%. The compressor/dehumidification process is controlled by a humidistat (factory set at 50% RH) which is monitoring the outdoor relative humidity level and is adjustable by a qualified servicer. When the outdoor humidity level raises above 50% RH the compressor and dehumidification process starts. Below 50% RH compressor operation and dehumidification is stopped, however, fan operation continues to provide 55 CFM of outdoor air into the space.

The dehumidification system has a temperature switch which is monitoring both the refrigeration and the outdoor air temperatures. If the outdoor air goes below 38°F the compressor is disabled with fan operation continuing to provide outdoor air into the space. All dehumidifier controls and safeties are automatically reset. An optional air tempering heater is available for the fresh air system for applications where operation in cold winter climates is required. Condensate from the dehumidifier drains into the PTAC drain pan, where it is then also slung onto the condenser coil for re-evaporation outside when the A/C runs. Excess condensate is drained into the wall case which can then either drain to the outside through the louver OR piped to a drainage system via the optional drain kit.