that link the piping packages to the riser shut-off valves, the unique design of the VH Series allows for easy field configuration of left hand, right hand, or back riser connections without the need for thermal cutting and joining of piping. Both the sides as well as the back panels are manufactured with riser slot knockouts. Supply air opening knockouts are included on all sides, and the top of the unit. If requested, the VHC/VHM/VHS units ship from the factory with knockouts removed for the selected arrangement of supply air and riser location.


  • AHRI 440 certified and labeled              
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • 1/2" thick fiberglass insulation
  • Integral filter rack with 1" throwaway filter
  • Riser slot knockouts
  • Supply air knockouts

Decorator Front Panel

  • Stamped louver return air grille
  • Durable powder coat paint
  • Quarter-turn cam lock fasteners

Supply Air

  • Single outlet
  • Front, side or top outlets


  • Cooling - 3 or 4 row chilled water
  • Heating - 1 or 2 row hot water - reheat position
  • 5 total rows of cooling and heating coils maximum
  • High efficiency aluminum fin surface for optimizing heat transfer, pressure drop and carryover
  • Easily removable for service
  • Manual air vents

Drain Pans

  • Double wall, composite, anti-microbial, double sloped to drain connection
  • Removable, extends under the entire coil section
  • 7/8" O.D. drain connection
  • P-trap factory installed

Fan Assemblies

  • Forward curved, DWDI centrifugal type blowers
  • 115 volt, single phase, three tap PSC motors
  • Quick disconnect motor connections
  • Easily removable fan/motor deck for service


  • ETL listed for safety compliance
  • Electrical enclosure with access door for field wiring terminations
  • Terminal block for field connections

Electric Heat

  • ETL listed as an assembly for safety compliance
  • Integral electric heat assembly with removable elements for easy service
  • Automatic reset primary and back-up secondary thermal limits
  • Single point power connection


  • Master/Slave arrangements
  • Foil faced fiberglass insulation
  • Elastomeric closed cell foam insulation
  • 1" pleated filter (MERV 8)
  • Manual or motorized outside air damper
  • Blower shield

Decorator Front Panel

  • Recessing frame
  • Full faced aluminum grille

Supply Air

  • Double deflection discharge grille(s)    
  • Double outlets
  • Sight and sound baffles for double outlet units
  • Opposed blade damper


  • Automatic air vents    
  • Stainless steel coil casings

Drain Pans

  • Stainless steel construction with external insulation, removable for cleaning

Fan Assemblies

  • 208-230 & 277 volt, single phase, three tap PSC motors


  • SCR fan speed controller
  • Fan relay packages
  • Silent solid state fan relays
  • Toggle disconnect switch
  • Condensate overflow switch (drain pan)
  • Main fusing
  • Unit and remote mounted three speed fan switches

Electric Heat

  • Manual reset secondary thermal limit
  • Silent relay/contactors
  • Door interlocking disconnect switches    
  • Main fusing


  • Analog, digital display, or programmable
  • Unit and wall mounted
  • 2 and 4-pipe control sequences
  • Automatic and manual changeover
  • Integral three speed fan switches
  • ADA mounting location on front panel or unit sides


  • Type-M or L copper with swaged connections
  • 3/4" to 3" diameters
  • 1/2" and 3/4" closed cell insulation
  • Type-M copper condensate riser
  • Riser extensions
  • Riser cover
  • ​Ship in advance risers

Enviro Tec VH Vertical Hi Rise FCU

Enviro-Tec Vertical Hi-Rise FCU

Enviro-Tec© VH Series Vertical Hi-Rise fan coil units are designed to maximize flexibility of selection and installation, and for ease of service.

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VH Series Vertical Hi-Rise Fan Coil Units

​The extensive variety of standard options available on VH Series fan coils are where you find the versatility to fit any HVAC system designer’s needs. VH Series fan coil units have several standard features that provide for installation flexibility that are unmatched in the industry. Featuring internal stainless steel braided hoses

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