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CDV Series B Vertical Fan Coil Unit

The extensive variety of standard options available on CDV units are where you find the versatility to fit any HVAC system designer’s needs. Options include: mixing box without linkage, rear or bottom return, bottom return plenum, single wall stainless steel drain pans, foil

Enviro Tec CDV Vertical FCU

CDV Fan-Coil Units HP

The ENVIRO-TEC® CDV Series B vertical fan coil unit is designed to maximize flexibility of selection and installation.

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faced or elastomeric closed cell foam insulation, and electric heat with single power connection. All electric heat units are listed with ETL as an assembly and carry the cETL label.

Sizes 16 and 20 exceed the maximum airflow rate in AHRI 440 and are therefore not certified. High efficiency motors, fan relays, disconnects and fusing mean easier coordination between mechanical and electrical trades. Coil options allow for three or four row cooling coils. One or two row hot water coils are placed in the reheat position.

All CDV Series fan coil units have a front access electrical enclosure, allowing easy access to all electrical components, terminal blocks and wiring. Available factory installed control packages can greatly reduce field labor and setup time. Consisting of control transformer and all needed relays, these packages integrate seamlessly with either factory provided thermostats or field installed thermostats and controllers.


  • AHRI 440 certified and labeled
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction
  • 1/2" thick fiberglass insulation
  • 1" duct discharge collar
  • Removable access panels sized for easy handling


  • AHRI 410 certified and labeled
  • Cooling - 3 or 4 row chilled water or DX, heat pump compatible
  • Heating - 1 or 2 row hot water – reheat position
  • 6 total rows of cooling and heating coils maximum
  • 1/2" O.D. seamless copper tubes
  • 0.016" tube wall thickness
  • Left or right hand connections
  • 300 PSIG working pressure at 200°F
  • Removable for service
  • Manual air vents

Filter Rack and Filters

  • 1" flat filter rack
  • 1" nominal throwaway filters

Drain Pans

  • Single wall, galvanized steel, externally insulated – fire retardant and antimicrobial
  • Positively sloped to drain connection
  • 3/4" MPT galvanized drain connection

Fan Assemblies

  • Forward curved, DWDI centrifugal type
  • 115 volt, single phase, three tap PSC motors
  • Quick disconnect motor connections
  • Removable fan(s)/motor(s) for service


  • cETL listed for safety compliance
  • Electrical junction box for field wiring terminations
  • Terminal block for field connections

Electric Heat

  • cETL listed as an assembly for safety compliance
  • Integral electric heat assembly with removable elements for easy service
  • Automatic reset primary and back-up secondary thermal limits
  • Single point power connection
  • Hinged electrical enclosure


  • Scrim reinforced foil faced fiberglass insulation
  • Elastomeric closed cell foam insulation
  • Double deflection discharge grille
  • Quarter turn quick open access panel fasteners
  • Return and supply plenums


  • Automatic air vents
  • Stainless steel coil casings
  • 0.025" tube wall thickness
  • DX coils are heat pump compatible

Filter Rack and Filters

  • 2" flat filter rack
  • Spare throwaway filters

Inlet Damper Section

  • Factory assembled and installed
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel formed blade dampers
  • Low-leak dampers with extruded vinyl blade seals and flexible metal jamb seals
  • Parallel blade operation

Drain Pans

  • Single wall, stainless steel with external insulation

Fan Assemblies

  • 208-230 & 277 volt, single phase, three tap PSC motors


  • Front access electrical enclosure
  • SCR fan speed controller
  • Fan relay packages
  • Toggle disconnect switch
  • Condensate overflow switch (drain pan)
  • Main fusing
  • Unit and remote mounted three speed fan switches

Electric Heat

  • Door interlocking disconnect switches
  • Main fusing
  • Manual reset secondary thermal limits


  • Remote mounted analog, digital display or programmable
  • 2 and 4 pipe control sequences
  • Automatic and manual changeover
  • Integral three speed fan switches


  • Designed, manufactured and tested by ENVIRO-TEC®
  • AHRI 410 certified and labeled
  • 1/2" O.D. seamless copper tubes
  • High efficiency aluminum fin surface for optimizing heat transfer, pressure drop and carryover.
  • Mechanically expanded copper tubes leak tested to a minimum 450 PSIG air pressure under water
  • Manual air vent plug on all water coils
  • Copper ODM sweat connections
  • 300 PSIG working pressure at 200°F
  • Evaporator coils are factory sealed and charged with minimum of 5 PSIG nitrogen or refrigerated dry air
  • Refrigerant coils are provided with a fixed orifice metering device (distributor-eliminator)
  • 0.016" tube wall thickness