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Our cloud-based dehumidifier sizing program enables engineers and contractors to conveniently configure their dehumidification
solution online, any time of the day or night. This advanced program consolidates our years of experience into an easy-to-use
question and answer format that helps design professionals choose features and benefits from among a complete listing of Desert Aire
systems and options. Our program provides answers faster and more accurately than any other supplier in the marketplace.

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Ventilation Air for Indoor Pools

This technical bulletin reviews the outdoor air ventilation requirements for indoor swimming pool enclosures.  It provides in-depth analysis of what the existing standard means and how ventilation air should be introduced to the air handler/ dehumidification system.  A review of energy recovery and conservation is also included.

Desert Aire Natatorium Dehumidifiers

Evaporation in an enclosed pool room can make swimmers uncomfortable, fog windows and condense on and within walls causing structural damage. Desert Aire's full range of natatorium dehumidifiers effectively removes moisture from the air to provide a comfortable environment for occupants while eliminating the conditions that can contribute to mold growth and the deterioration of the structure and furnishings.

Hotels, Fitness Clubs, and Therapy

Create a Pleasant Pool Room Environment

Our ExpertAire™ series of dehumidifiers is a perfect fit for hotel pool rooms, fitness / health club pool rooms and therapy pool applications. Desert Aire designed these systems for maximum moisture removal and energy efficiency. A properly sized Desert Aire ExpertAire™ dehumidifier provides proper humidity control to help prevent mold, mildew and moisture from ruining your pool room and furnishings.

Whether for a hotel pool room, a fitness / health club pool room or a therapy pool application, an energy efficient Desert Aire ExpertAire™ dehumidifier is designed and built to provide years of humidity control.

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ND Series Dehumidifier

Natatoriums and Water Parks

Desert Aire’s ND and SA Series natatorium dehumidifiers offer you complete humidity control solutions for large water parks, natatoriums, YMCAs/YWCAs and school and university indoor pool applications. Our many options allow you to control temperature and humidity while conserving energy for significant operational savings.

Nothing beats Desert Aire's ND and SA dehumidifiers. These systems include flexible dual circuit designs for high moisture removal and low energy consumption. Our pool room units optimize moisture removal and use recovered energy to heat air and pool water all while introducing fresh outdoor air as required by code.

Desert Aire has been controlling moisture in pool rooms since 1978. No matter what type of pool you have, Desert Aire has the experience to properly dehumidify your aquatic facility. Rely on Desert Aire for expert solutions to your moisture and energy problems.

SA Series Dehumidifier


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Select Aire  Heat Recovery System

This technical bulletin reviews the largest heat loss/heat gain source in a pool enclosure: ventilation air.  It describes a simple method for recovering a significant portion of the exhaust air’s energy without a large capital expenditure and with no increase in operational costs. This method also allows the system to be considerably more efficient than an economizer.

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Indoor Pool Dehumidification

Several different methods can be used to dehumidify an indoor commercial pool facility. This publication will compare the effectiveness of each method.  In addition, we will compare the operating costs of the various dehumidification methods. The variable that most greatly impacts the operating cost is outside weather. Does the building and ventilation air need to be heated or cooled?  How much outside air must be introduced, and can it help dehumidify the indoor air?  When operating costs are understood, an intelligent decision can be made about purchasing the most cost-effective dehumidification system.

Desert Aire ND Dehumidifier

The ND/SA Series dehumidifiers can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Units intended for outdoor installation are factory equipped with additional insulation, heavy duty weather sealing and special rain hoods mounted on the ventilation air intake. They can also be installed on roof curbs (supplied by others) which permit bottom return and supply air to meet HVAC design specifications when required.

DESERT AIRE’s commercial dehumidifier systems are flexible in their design options. This modular concept allows each system to be customized for specific dehumidification applications:

  • Reheat Only
  • Reheat and Water
  • Reheat and Remote Condenser
  • Reheat and Water and Remote Condenser

Auxiliary Heating

  • Hot Water Coil
  • Steam Coil
  • Electric Coil

The Natatorium Dehumidifier (ND) Series is a dual refrigerant circuit, packaged dehumidification system that is carefully designed and manufactured for commercial natatoriums, such as: high school and university indoor pools, YMCA/YWCA, JCC and municipal natatoriums.

​​INDOOR DAMPER/FILTER ASSEMBLY...This ND option can be added to provide integral control of ventilation air. During unoccupied times the damper is closed. During normal natatorium usage the damper is opened to the minimum code position. During high spectator times, the damper is further opened to a higher ventilation rate. The exhaust system is provided and installed by others and must also have a multi-speed motor to match minimum and maximum ventilation

capacities. DESERT AIRE’s modulating evaporator damper automatically readjusts air flow across the evaporator coils to maintain proper design velocity.

OUTDOOR DAMPER/FILTER ASSEMBLY... In outdoor installations a rain hood and bird screen are included, but the operation remains the same as the indoor assembly as described above.

Select Aire (SA) Series equipment uses the ND Series as its base design but features an exclusive exhaust air heat recovery system and patented air flow balancing. The SA system effectively addresses exhaust air energy loss in a natatorium and recovers it more efficiently than any other heat recovery method including economizer systems. These dehumidification systems feature a unique dual refrigerant circuit design which allows staging to minimize energy consumption and optimize energy recovery by using different condensing elements, for the appropriate heat sinks.

SELECT AIRE ...The Select Aire control system simplifies air balancing while maintaining the correct proportions of return air, supply air, exhaust air and outdoor air. The system works by monitoring the static pressure difference across three major components: the reheat coil,
evaporator coil and exhaust blower. The pressure difference is directly related to the quantity of airflow through each of these components. The control system then modulates several dampers in response to the pressure readings.


Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ Series dehumidifiers have been designed with this standard in mind. First, we’ve used the latest coil design technology to increase evaporator and condenser capacity while simultaneously reducing their pressure drop. This combination yields the highest MRE available.

​​Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ Series products are designed for applications with air temperatures between 65° and 95°F (18° and 35°C) that require moisture removal between 4 and 100 lbs (2 and 45 kg) per hour.

An ExpertAire™ dehumidifier optimizes moisture removal by using a specially designed coil to maximize the system’s latent capability, thus yielding 3 to 4 times the moisture removal capacity over a standard air conditioning system. 


  • Hot gas reheat coil sized for 100% rejection of the recovered energy. 

                - The system helps to eliminate high load nuisance service trips by re-balancing the refrigerant system. 

  • ExpertAire™ models are fully protected with IEC starters, overloads and refrigerant switches.
  • Scroll compressors
  • Cabinet is manufactured from galvanneal with a high impact, powder coat textured paint finish.


  • Capacity control design which protects the coil from freezing during low temperature/lowload operation.
  • Outdoor Air (O/A) intake connection
  • Evaporator bypass damper.
  • Unoccupied mode O/A damper control 

ExpertAire™ is available in one of the following five configurations:

  • Reheat Only
  • Reheat and Water
  • Reheat and Remote Condenser Ready
  • Reheat and Water Remote Condenser Ready
  • Reheat and Partial Water and Remote Condenser Ready